Formed it 1992, Swapnasandhani has been marked by the acting and directorial genius of Koushik Sen. With its consistenly high quality of work, the group has indeed carved a niche for itself.

The major productions of Swapnasandhani are ‘Tiktiki’, ‘Samudrer Mohuna’, ‘Bankubabur Bandhu’, ‘Dakghor’, ‘Malyaban’, ‘Darjiparar Marjinara’, ‘Birpurush’, ‘Bhoy’ etc.

From 2006, Swapnasandhani began performing on a regular basis at the Sujata Sadan every Saturday. This eliminated their need to wait in queue for free slots at the major theatres like the Academy of Fine Arts, Madhusudan Mancha etc.

Swapnasandhani’s ‘Conscious Theatre’ has been marked by several plays dealing with serious subjects such as ‘Darjiparar Marjinara’. However, it has also organised plays of various genres, notably science fiction: “Bankubabur Bandhu”, and psychological thrillers: “Tiktiki”. “Malyaban” is an adaptation of the first novel by noted Bengali poet Jibanananda Das, which depicts a rather unpoetical tale of sexual incompatibility in a failed marriage.


4 Responses to Swapnasandhani

  1. Tito Dutta says:

    That’s a good article! This is the Facebook page of Swapnasandhani: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=118972248130687&v=info

  2. uchhal chakraborty says:

    would you please give the address of swapnasandhni

  3. Riddhi Chayan Sen says:

    Ami apnader sathe theatre korte chai. Plz amake apnader sathe jukto korun.

  4. Tito Dutta says:

    Hazra e giye contact korun.. ekhane ke dekhbe apnar post?

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